Hello, I'm

Eduardo Hernandez

Currently. I'm a

Passionate about software development, game development, and how the cloud provides us with many tools to update every aspect of them. I am a faithful believer in the technological potential and how its applications are capable of helping anyone in any sector.

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About Me

A continuos learner

Hello, I'm Eduardo, Currently a Infrastructure Operation Center Specialist, dedicated to manage, monitor and troubleshoot on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

I enjoy getting my hands dirty with personal projects to gain hands-on experience. Learning and practicing with unfamiliar tech features is my way of understanding how things work. I'm also keen on exploring how these technologies can make day-to-day life easier.

My knowledge


I acquired a solid foundation in programming through my university education, and I have gained experience with projects that I made for interest and practice.

I've created some games using Unity and C#.

I've used Java for mobile application development and college projects, such as a veterinary system and data structures.

For web development, I've used HTML/CSS and JavaScript to create static websites, most of which were college projects.


I've hands-on experience with managing, keeping an eye on, and fixing second-level issues in on-site, mixed, and cloud setups, dealing mainly with servers in platforms like VMware, Azure, and Google Cloud.

I've utilized backup tools such as Azure Backups, Commvault, and Veeam for creating backups of virtual machines, recovering files from backups, and restoring virtual machines.

I've used monitoring tools and a ticketing system, I get heads up when there's a hiccup in any service, and I make sure to jot it down for a quick fix

I've used monitoring tools and a ticketing system, I received alerts in case of any service-related issues, documented the problem, and ensured timely resolution.

I've created work instructions for recurring issues and transitional activities.


I have hands-on experience in creating and managing virtual machines, including performing system hardening.